Our Dedicated Owner & Operator

Gilvan Da Silva

The owner, Gilvan has been working on vehicles since he was 12 years old. His passion began with the admiration he had for his Brother who is a mechanic in his home country of Brazil. Following in his brother's footsteps he starting working alongside his brother, and later came to the US, and continued to master his trade. After gaining years of knowledge and experience he and his partner decided to open Alloy in 2014. He later became the sole owner of Alloy in 2016. Gilvan is front and center of his business to make sure his customers are happy. "I want to be hands-on with my customers vehicles. I want them to know I care, and that I provide quality work, and service." Gilvan and his team are ready to make sure you are getting the best in customer service, quality work, and affordable prices.